Everra Makeup Mlm Singer - karaoke and network marketing mix

Hey there! Andrea Edwards, the Everra makeup mlm sing here, coming to entertain and educate you on multi level marketing. Here we talk about how you can realistically make money selling a product for a direct sales company.

This blog came was birthed due to two dilemmas I had. I needed an outlet for entertainment while the typical establishments that offered karaoke were shutdown during the lockdown from Covid-19, and  I desired to make some sales for my network marketing business but I didn't want to reach out to my friends and family.

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Karaoke is one of the most popular pass times in just about every country you can imagine.  Who doesn't love to belt out there favorite songs on stage in front of an audience? It is fun way to escape the every day routine and have a taste of a little celebrity at the same time.

What does multi level marketing (mlm) have to do with sining? It doesn't have anything to do with it at the core.  But so many people cringe, dodge, unfriend, and ignore network marketers that you are going to have to learn to think outside the box in order to attract an audience.

So Tracy Vlahos did a call with the Everra influencers and she talked about the super six activities. Love this. Am I the only one that likes to see things listed? I can see it all before me and it helps me to get organized and it helps me to get clear. Between work, my husband, the kids, and the house, and all that that entails. Sometimes I feel like my head is just spinning and I don't even know my own conceptions. Right.

So I'm gonna go through the super six activities. I'm gonna list them all, but then I'm gonna just focus on one today. I'm gonna tell you what they all are. Now, first one is building the customer base, new faces, new places. Okay, that's where you start.

Number two customer service, the fortune in the follow up. We've all heard that. Number three is bookings. How are you getting your online parties? Number four is hostess coaching. What are you saying to your hostess?

Number five, sales? How are your sales? Are you upselling? Number six sponsoring? How are you paying attention to what people are saying? And are you listening to what people are telling you so that you can help them with their needs? Right?

Okay, so we're gonna focus today just on building the customer base, new faces, new places. Now, everyone should have a list of 50 150 200 people, okay? It's your wish list. It's your list of all of your contacts. All of the people, even the ones that I call the scary Mary's, even the ones that you're saying, I'm not talking to that woman. She would be amazing, but I'm not going there. That's okay. Just write her name down too.

You can find more people. If you stop and think and maybe write this down to Okay, what? Who are you? What makes you you? Do you like to shop? Do you have red hair? Do you like yoga? You've got twins, your kids play soccer. You like to run? you like to eat? You like to drink wine? You like wine tasting? Like a you know, whatever it is? Whatever your essences, whatever makes you you.

Okay, those of us that are moms, that's a big part of who we are. But that's not all of who we are. Did you use to dance? You know? I mean, what is your dream? What you know, did you ever want to be you know, a comedian or you ever wanted to be a singer or whatever, you need to find those groups. You can find those groups online. You can get involved in those groups in your local community. Like for example, if you're a soccer mom, or a baseball mom like me, when your kids are at practice, you sit in your car, on your phone, or you sitting out there with those other moms getting to know them. It's all about building relationships.

I'm not saying that you got to walk and go, Hey, you want to buy my lashes? Please don't do that. Please don't. Please don't be a person. Be yourself. Get to know them. When they ask what you do you tell them with enthusiasm and be excited about it. Because guess what, if you're not excited about it, they're not going to be excited about it. And the way I look at it is when when your enthusiasm travels in halves, okay.

If I am over the moon excited about something, my enthusiasm is at 100% and I tell someone else about it. The most they're gonna get excited is like 50%, right? So I can really crank it up because if I'm telling them and I'm only at 50% Well, then they're only Gonna be at 25%? That makes sense.