Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

Are magnetic eyelashes safe to use? Every person is different, but if you want to know if they are good or bad this can help.

So I'm super excited because I just got it so it comes with the lashline cute little glitter box, and the magnetic liner so first thing as an eye surgeon I always check the ingredients. And basically the main ingredient in this, which is what makes it magnetic is iron oxide. Now for my training I know you certainly don't want a piece of iron inside your eye, it can cause a rusting if it's on the front surface of the eye like a foreign body on your cornea. It can actually penetrate inside the eye and that's really bad. When that happens it has to be removed surgically, so some people are a bit hesitant to try something with iron oxide.

But it turns out the use of iron oxide is regulated by the FDA. I checked the FDA website, and it is approved for the use of skincare products, and cosmetic products, even around the iPad had a big checkmark next to that. So that should make you feel better that it's a known additive, and it is regulated so anything that's being sold in America has to go through that regulation process.  

So, I was putting it where I did not have liner which is very silly, but see I'm a real person doing this, as opposed to a makeup artist, and I'm actually nicer so it really should be easier for me, but

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I'm learning.

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Just waiting.

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The other thing is we will see if I'm allergic because I've extremely sensitive skin, and the area of the skin around the eye is extremely thin as well so I don't like having to use a lot of force to remove this makeup and you're supposed to buy their double eraser makeup remover, which I did not do just because I didn't scroll that far down because I was doing it this ordering it between patients.

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So we'll see if my regular eye makeup remover for sensitive skin is able to remove this at the end of the day, and let's say okay, I think that's been a minute. Let's try again. That's probably. Oh, I like that. I like that that's pretty good. Don't you think,

That took me 15 minutes to put on which is not unusual for me, usually like I said the falsies take about 20, to 30, and then I give up and I have no success anyway. So this is not bad. 

So the first time I wore the lashes it was for 12 hours. I'm really loving the look of them and safety wise I really like them as well. The magnets actually touch to the eyelid skin, and not to the lashes so they're different than the other kinds of magnetic lashes where your eye natural lashes sandwiched in between two magnets.

Their are other magnetic lashes that you apply with one set on top and one on bottom.  That means your natural lashes are sandwiched between the two sets and it puts stress on your natural hairs. These don't have any weight on the actual lashes themselves, and it's also different from lash extensions where you've got the glue to your individual lashes.

I like that because anytime you've got weight on your lashes that is going to cause them to fall out faster and cause lash loss, which I never want to happen and I'm sure you don't want either. So the Everra lashes attach to your eyelid skin.

I also experienced no skin irritation. I didn't get any kind of dripping of the eyeliner through sweating, humidity, and I took a shower with them on. So they really stayed in place  and I didn't get any skin darkening from it.

As an FYI you cannot wear these in an MRI machine. An MRI machine is a big magnet so if you were to wear these that would be really really bad and you should not use the magnetic liner in them either. So just remember not to wear or bring these items with you if you're ever getting an MRI done.

When washing the liner off after removing your strips I have a tip.  Use a waterproof makeup remover like the one Everra sells.  Shake it up first and then put some on your cotton swab or makeup pad.  Hold it on your closed eyes for about 20 seconds before you wipe it off. When you do this it comes off easier with less wiping.

So there is a little bit still left on I just used my regular cleansing oil that you put on your dry face and then use water to clean off, and then massage it into my eyelids so little bit left. And I'm gonna use just the Sephora waterproof makeup remover. That's super easy, and I think I should be able to get a lot of fun with this and I guess it's kind of rusty brown because that's iron oxide, some water and oil in it but pretty much able to get everything off and I don't see any pigmentation, no iron hence stain want to make sure that you're not getting any pigmentation, especially for me underneath the eyes is where I get pigmentation I've gotten back from lash syndromes in the past or I've always careful about that. You want to make sure you want to remove everything just so very clean, I was just using that double cleanse system there. So that's it I had a full day with the lashes I liked them I think that you do need to be careful as with anything.

So are magnetic eyelashes safe? Many eye doctors think that the magnets are safe to use near the eye but you should always consult a medical professional with concerns you have about your specific situation. This blog does not offer medical advice what is expressed is just opinion.