Everra makeup brushes

Everra makeup brushes helping you achieve your flawless look applying concealer, foundation, eyeshadow and more!

So today's video is on makeup brushes and most specifically what makeup brushes to get if you're a beginner and don't know what makeup brushes to get that was a really bad cat.

Anyway, obviously Today's video is on makeup brushes and what brushes, I'd recommend to get if you're a beginner. I'm going to give you some Zoeva and Mac and sigma alternatives when I have them. So yeah, if you want to learn about makeup brushes, just keep watching. So the first brush that I want to talk to you guys about isn't actually a brush, so we are off to a great start with this video. I'm sure you guys guessed it and the first thing that I want to talk to you guys about is the beauty blender. Actually this is really really dirty and disgusting I think I have a clean look somewhere, hold on. Here we go. So this is the beauty blender blending sponge, this is awesome for blending at your foundation or your concealer, or even your powder to give like a really nice airbrush finish and doesn't leave any brush strokes because obviously it's not a brush. The only thing is it does soak up any excess products so you're not going to get as full coverage with the first layer, as you would if you use a brush, but I would highly highly recommend one of these they are absolutely amazing. And if you can't afford the Beauty Blender the other sponge that I recommend is the Real Techniques miracle sponge.

I think this is about half the price and it does a really really similar job to the beauty blender. The only difference I find is that the Beauty Blender gives more of a flawless finish, and it's so except the tiniest bit less product, but if you're starting out, you're probably on a budget so I probably just go with the Real Techniques miracle spot. Alternatively if sponges aren't really a thing or you want some more coverage, the brushes that I'd recommend, are the Sigma angled Kabuki fit for brush book foundation. This is so soft and it's like the perfect shape to get in your face crevices. That sounded kind of weird but I'm sure you guys know what I mean. And because it is so soft, it doesn't leave any obvious brushstrokes either. And then to blend out concealer, I'd recommend the Sigma soft blend concealer f 64 brush. This brush is also a really great shape to get in and around like the small areas of your face as well so like us and around like your mouth and stuff. So I'm going to kind of do these brushes in the order that I would use them so now after you applied your foundation and concealer you want to set it and to set it, I highly highly recommend getting the real techniques that in brush again this is like the perfect shape to get these small areas of your face. So, under your eyes Your eyelids, or as your mouth your nose, and it's relatively cheap to I think this is about $10, then to set the rest of your face you just want to use a powder brush, the one that I use is the Sigma large powder f 20 brush. But seriously, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a powder brush, as long as it's big and it's fluffy, it's going to do the job, so you can get a cheap one from your local drugstore. Just get it as long as it's big and fluffy and doesn't shed. You'll be right. So next up is contouring and I have two brushes to show you. This one is the Sigma small contour effort five brush and this is the Mac one or nine brush, these brushes are literally the same so just take your pick. The shape of these brushes are just perfect to get under your cheekbone and then to blend it upwards. So yeah, I highly recommend either of these. Next up is blush and my two favorites are the Sigma large angled contour f 40, and the map 168 brush. Again, these brushes are pretty much the same. If anything, the Sigma brush is just a little bit softer and less dense but again these brushes pretty much do the exact same job, and that the perfect shape to get the apples of your cheeks and then upload your cheekbones.

The next brush is a completely optional brush, and that's the Sigma tapered highlighter brush. If you're on a budget seriously and just use the Real Techniques setting brush up you set your concealer, just go in with the highlighter with this one. But if you do have the money to spare and you want a separate highlighting brush I definitely recommend this one. It's just a really nice tapered shape to highlight your cheekbones, at the center of your face. Okay, so I think that's all the face brushes that I want to talk to you guys about. 

Now on to eye brushes. 'Next up, of blending brushes and the two that I have are exactly the same. This is the Sigma blending, a 25 and the math 217 brush. These are both perfect for blending out eyeshadow and also blending colors into a crease more precisely because the weaver does make one and I had it. But I lost it. But I really liked it when I had it and it was exactly the same as these two as well. The next brush that I recommend you guys get is a pencil brush and the two that I have, again, are exactly the same. So this one is the Sigma pencil, 830 and this is the Mac 219 brush pencil brushes are great for switching colors into a lower lash line, or even just packing on color to your lid as well, like I said, these two are exactly the same so take your pick. Okay, so next up eyeliner brushes and I have a lot to talk about. So the first ones are the makeup geek bedliner brush the Mac 210 brush, the Sigma small eyeliner 10 brush.

The next brush that I want to recommend to you guys is a lip brush. Now I don't have any other lip brushes so I can't really compare it to anything. But this is the Sigma lip, l oh five brush. Now these are great for applying doctor lipsticks, or if you struggle with precision with lipsticks, but obviously if you're fine with applying lipstick straight from the bullet. Save your money and don't get a lip brush. Now the very last thing that I recommend you guys get isn't a brush. We started this with another brush, and we're going to finish this was another brush. So the last thing that I recommend you guys get is an eyelash pillar.

Now eyelash curl is a something that I don't think you need to spend a lot of money on either. I wanted to mention our sigma uses synthetic bristles. So there's no animal cruelty involved. From my understanding, Mac uses a lot if not all natural bristles which means that they come from animals.