Everra vs Tori Belle

Everra vs Tori Belle - which mlm should I join?  If you are struggling to decide which network marketing company to choose then you are not alone.

Both of the multi level marketing companies sell magnetic eyelashes. I'm not going to give you a long drawn out blog post about all of their differences and similarities. I'm gonna give you just two details that I know that are different.

Well we both know they are both network marketing direct sales multi level marketing based, meaning you get commissions for all of your personal sales and a smaller permission. Permission commission or percentage of what your team sells. Now, for the product itself right from the website I just went on to read them right before this video. So their lashes alone are $35 for the lashes by itself without the magnetic liner. If you get the lashes with the liner, they call it a bundle, and that's $55. So that's the selling point the dollar amount that you would be telling your customers and paying when you purchase them.

Now, on the commission. This is something I heard from someone else's video that the commission structure on personal sales ranges from 25%, up to the maximum of 40%. Now that's what I know about the lashes book. It's pretty similar. And the reviews you can find on other videos. Now what about either. They sell the magnetic liners and the lashes together in the same package. And they are $39 $39 for a set of lashes with eyeliner to use for the lash. Now, for commissions.

How much commission can you earn selling Everra products? The ranges go from 25% to 50%.

How would that work? So, 25% is your coming in starter level. When you get to a certain dollar amount and rank that 25% goes up to 30%. And if you are a power seller that can sell volume, meaning over $500 in personal sales per month over 1000 over 1500, your bonus percentages, will bring that up to the maximum of 50%. So, if you could sell $2,000 a month or more, instead of you getting your 25 or 30%. You get an additional 20%, bringing it up to 50 percent.

That fifty percent commission is what you will earn collectively with your instant pay, and you monthly power seller sales bonus percentage combined, regardless of if you have a team or not, or if your team sells product or not!

Let's say you are a video clean. That's enough, they say your video okay. And you know how to reach out to people, you know how to word, your videos that allow them to feel the transformation from a face and moisturize to moisture.