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Who is the CEO of Everra? His name is Chris Welch, and he is a wonderful man, with a beautiful wife named Jill. Jill is more behind the scenes like a quiet storm, always doing so many things to help support us all. They are both the absolute salt of the earth.  I believe everybody should be afforded to be able to have great products they feel good about and be able to afford them. 

And so, that's really what kicked all this off. I want to take a moment and just say, we've been selling now for almost nine months I was figuring it out today, I was like, eight months I'm like oh, it's it almost nine months. And because of all of you taking out the amazing product and most importantly the message, I think its message and community and people first to be honest with you, right that the empowerment of positivity, the empowerment of great products that help others feel confident I keep saying it's a it's a movement of confidence because of you. We're in this absolute hyper growth, it is absolutely amazing and we're just trying to keep up with you. So thank you, thank you for being here and being a part of Avira and taking it out globally, but there you go there's a little bit about us a little bit about the company, I will just tell you one more thing because I always think it's important, right. I believe like attracts like, and I believe your values and your, especially your core values, probably, you know, line up with other things that's what makes that that you come together. And so, you know, Chris and I said right it is I will just tell you this, it is all about empowering right empowering you empowering our customer, right, you have that ability and that's what we're going to talk about is you empowering your social media, right, your friends and family there, how to amplify others. So from us, to you, your first customer to amplify you to help you, so that you can go out and amplify others, people want to be amplified recognized and you have that ability to do that. And of course, influence, and we'll talk about influence. So we always stick to our we amp amplifying and powering and influencing right are the programs and things that we're going to bring forth doing that. So a little bit more. Alright, but let's get to the nitty gritty why you're here, and I absolutely love this. Um, and in my beautiful 24 year career. When, when traveling was something that was it was you know allowed. I would spend half my time in a corporate office and half my time every weekend traveling out to independent entrepreneurs like you, helping others, build their success plan, and given the skills they need. And during that time though, I want to stop because this probably was the most important activity that I could facilitate that helped others, and I know is going to help you and launching your business. A couple things this is going to help you understand what your why is what successes to you, and how much time you have to give to the business and how to share the business for those who've maybe been in the business for a while, maybe you've been in other companies as well for a while. Have you ever had somebody say to you, you know what is that thing you do? Are you really successful?

Yep, am I, yep couple other people four people have asked, and I always say yep five people always say it's important that you can share your story and share the business in a way that attracts others and explains it. And that is what this is going to do. And so let me take you through this because it is super important. And so, you may or may not have time right now because it could be multitasking and hey, I get it right, being a single mom doing things and, you know, and two kids like I get you could be multitasking It is okay, but I would ask that you take a screenshot of this and make sure that you go back and answer this, because here's what I want you to answer.

Is this what excited you about direct sales, right, is an industry. And believe me, there's no right or wrong answer. I've heard it all, and it doesn't matter. It could be a so many, especially this year, especially this year that a lot of us are working from home. People who have never been in the direct sales space said, I was interested because I knew I needed to be able to have an online business, right, it could been that I was looking to have an online business, I was looking for flexibility, I didn't want to build my own website and go out right and develop my own products and market and do all these things, whatever that is, write it down because you're gonna see I'm gonna tie this all together for you. This is going to be something you're on take with you forever. Then you need to answer. Why did you choose a bear. Listen, I want you to know I have many friends and so many incredible companies, right so there are amazing businesses out there, incredible visionaries, entrepreneurs I love it something for all of us. I want you to know that. But why did you join a bear. You only you can answer that. Some people have said to me, Tracy, it was, I love EU standard product, I love paraben free products, I love amazing skincare I love the lashes. Right. Some people was I. This was great about two weeks ago somebody said, I watched my best friend, come out of her box, and she's on video and I've never seen her have such self confidence, I had to join as well. I mean, so, believe me it doesn't matter what it is, but why did you choose a bear.

And then this is going to be important because this is going to be a driving behavior for you.

As you build the business. How much do you want to earn, what is success for you. That's how I like to put it. Okay. Here's what I mean, I share this every time because it was something that forever changed me and how I actually facilitated this many years ago and I do mean at least 15, I wish I remember for sure but I'm gonna say 15 years ago I'm in Huntsville, Alabama, here in the United States. And I am going through this activity. Okay. And this woman afterwards comes up to me stands in front of me holding my hands. Right. And she said to me, success for me Tracy is another $50 a month. I'm a single mom with four boys. I work a full time job, I have looked at my monthly budget, I can't squeeze it out anywhere else. I need $50 a month, or my son can't play football. And I remember thinking, that is what success is for her. And I remember I looked at her and at that time before social media, and it was direct sales home parties I said, Ellen. I want to make sure that I help you How much time do you have to get the business you can't be right. I know you've got children so she couldn't do a lot of babysitting doesn't matter we helped her put together a plan so that she could at least have a 50 a month, because that was the most important thing to her because success for her, was her son playing football. So see, that's why I want you to understand what success is for you. You don't have, you know, success is the number one earner or the top ranking, you know leader, hey, I'm all for it let's put together a plan, but a lot of times success is different things to everybody. And you understand. It's all important. There's a leader right now, she's from Michigan. In April, her husband were furloughed and she said to me, Tracy. I need another $200 a month to pay for groceries. That's what success is for me. That's what I need to accomplish. I'm like, okay, when you got it, we're doing it. So again, I don't mean to harp on this but I really want you to think about it because really the second question is, what will you do with that money, sometimes it isn't the money itself, yes the money allows us, but it's that emotion connected to something I've got to pay for groceries. I'm gonna do this. I want my son to play football I don't wanna look at him and tell him know that I can't, you know what I'm talking about. It's really the emotion behind the thing that helps you. That's what it's going to drive you to do this business see so many times if we don't have a goal, and if we are connected to something. You know how this is it's like, oh, I'll just do that tomorrow. Oh wait till tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes in the next week in the next month I don't need to tell you this. That's why I have to do this. and then we're going to get to this and this is the last question on here is how much time do you have to give to the business. Because see, again, I'm not gonna tell you have to spend an X amount of time, I want this to work for you, for your family, you may have a family may not a partner may not I mean it just, you know, you may have a full time job outside of this. But see, with the time that you have to give to the business I want to make sure that you can create that success and make sure it lines up and we're going to talk more about time in just a moment. All right, but that's what you'll have to figure out, and that's okay, that's we're here for now. Hopefully that's starting to give you a little bit of sense of, Oh, this is what success is for me. Because sometimes as women we don't slow down, we just jump in, we just don't we like it we know we love whatever we want to do it but we haven't set that now watch how I tie all this together. And I create your 32nd commercial. Now, I'm gonna call it 32nd commercial just for lack of better words because that's what we've called it forever right when somebody says, What is it you do.

Are you successful at that thing. Right. Watch. I want you to go through and watch how perhaps, again, you can answer this, you may say something like, I joined the direct sales space, because I needed to build a build something, and have a business online. I chose ibera because I love high quality periban free gluten free cosmetics skincare wellness products. I needed to earn an extra $200 a month to pay for groceries.

Yes, this works for me and my family, and I'm successful. See your 32nd commercial is going to be different, because, but did you just see what that did. If you didn't sell the business you're trying to talk somebody into the business.

You weren't trying to tell them how what direct sales is, right, because so many times right we just get we get to know if somebody else on that other end is like, I need to build something online. Oh I love periban blueprint right Tell me, tell me more maybe they don't even right they just were like, oh well tell me more about that. Oh, I could use another $200 a month, that could help out my family, do you see, see if it's a pain point for somebody or you're just simply sharing your story you're being authentic. That will either attract others or not like listen doesn't matter, but that's real. Now I will just share with you quickly I had this wonderful girl. She was in April, she was from New York she left her message afterwards she said Tracy oh my gosh, thank you for helping me do that activity it totally helped me set this up. She said, but I know when you went through that 32nd commercial at the end, you said yes I'm successful, but she said, I just started the business so I can't say that, what would you say, so I always because of her. I love it that I learned from all of you is I then share, then if perhaps you're in that spot and somebody does ask you, maybe you say, I joined the direct sales space, because I was looking to have an online business. I chose a Vera, because clean paraben free gluten free cosmetic skincare wellness products is important to me. I needed another $200 a month to pay for my family's groceries. It Bera provides the products training and assets, I need to be successful. Bam. Right, so if you're new, and somebody let's say does ask you this today tomorrow, whatever. There's another way. I hope this was helpful, helpful to. But now we're going to get into some other nitty gritty things. Okay. Let's see how we're doing we're doing great on time. Because now I hope this set up the starting point of your roadmap. All right. Now, what I want to share with you is if you have not joined the Vera Learning Hub. The Vera Learning Hub is a Facebook group. Okay, that is outside of the Aveiro group that perhaps you're in right now right that's our influencer group, and the avera Learning Hub is where I put the units of training. Okay, but you can then go review, I just want you to know that in unit four of the Aveiro Learning Hub, you can print off this worksheet. And I even have a quick 1510, maybe 10 minute video that explains the activity again. But anyway, the worksheets there and if you're like me sometimes I love writing, and others don't have to write like that. But I want you to know what's there. Now, before we get into the watts, right. We need to talk about time. This is super important, especially, I think is women, but really men as well, but I'm gonna say this woman. So here's what I want you to think about is this.

I want you to look at the first bullet point is my mentor, so I won't go into this, but about four years into the first company that I was helping to build in the direct sales space. My mentor said to me, Tracy. If you're going to help others build a business, then you're going to have to have had walked in their shoes. And it was a man of few words, but he needed to pay attention. And what I realized is he needed that I needed to then also become an independent, they call them consultants, independent consultant. Learn how to juggle my day job, which obviously I just told you what it was, learn how to have my wife hat, because I was married at the time, learn how to juggle also my mom because my two kids were in elementary school and learn how to build a business have repeat customers, customer service do all those things. And he is absolutely correct. If I wouldn't have done that, I'm not sure I would have had so much success and be able to help other companies build especially entrepreneurs, because if I hadn't done it. But why I share all that is these are these two questions. And so when I signed up I decided to become an independent entrepreneur to juggle and with everything else, maybe like many of you, she said to me, she was my upline she says when you determine your hours, you're operating a business. When are you going to operate your business Tracy. And I'll tell you that shift it was like a lot of business owner, oh I am operating my own business now, I was like, Oh, she's like yeah, let's plot it out. I was like, oh, like it was a shift for me. I was like, Okay, and then she said this, I think about this has been 20 years, it never left me, and now I take and share it with all of you and I couldn't be any more passionate about this today. And the leaders here to Barrow tell you how passionate I am about this. She also said, when you set a workable schedule, Tracy, you will find it easier to remain to be committed to your dreams. And I remember I was like what. And she said to me, I've watched so many women not have a workable schedule. It was too much for their family, their families would get upset their husband why it has to be workable for you and your family. So Tracy we need to make sure this works. So here's what I'm gonna share with all of you right now. And so many of you have come back to me and this is what makes me happy is in the beginning when I said to you. How much time do you want, what do you want out of this business can I say if you have children, a husband spouse partner, if you do sit down with them and let them know. I just launched my own business online. I believe our family could use another whatever a month, let's just call groceries because I've been doing that right another $200 a month for groceries. I want you to know that I would love to be able to work the business, x y and z. I mean, share your goals with them, tell them what you're doing. I chose this company because here's what I love about the product, and then look at them and say, Can I have your support on that, can I ever support with this. Can I just want to share with you To this day, there's a few influencers and one in particular, she still say to me, Tracy, my kids I did it, I did just as you said, Now halfway through the month are like how you doing Mom, are you have you met your goal, and she said when I meet goals or maybe I'm halfway through, we go get ice cream because if it wasn't for their support and asking me and making me feel important and that we're doing it fresh. He said, I couldn't do this business, sit down with your family, share your goals. Why, what it is. Don't let them just see you on the phone all the time and then all of a sudden they're like why is she on the phone so much playing. Okay. See, in the evolution that I've been able to watch and watch in 24, years, right, social media really came on the scene probably about 10 years ago, seven years ago it was really companies were getting into it I remember having to hire my first social media team right. And as a business what was that gonna look like and how are we going to help her independent entrepreneurs, but online, does not mean all the time. So that's what we're going to get into next, right, is when and how much are you going to work the business.

I'm going to share with you I'm gonna see if I took this slide out. No, I did. I'm just going to share this quickly what I want you to think about, and I'm just going to give me two minutes here and then we're going to go on to activities that are to help you. Yeah, we're doing good. I could because I you took the time to be here and I want to open it up and give it to all of it to you. And that is this. See, Think about when you're going to work the business. Now I'm going to make this super easy right now but you're gonna figure it out yourself. You know, maybe it's an hour in the morning. Maybe it's an hour in the afternoon, and two hours in the evening, I don't know, but for the sake of making this easy. Okay, a couple of things that I want you to do, here's what I've learned is this. When you start getting customers, I would encourage you to start a customer group. Okay, a couple things of course you're going to think them thank you so much for being a customer, I would love to put you into my VIP group in my VIP group where I'll communicate with you, I'll share special customer promotions and incentives, I'm going to share tips and tricks in there, show you different ideas and ways to do things. It is where, pay attention to words I'm ready to share with you. It's where I operate my business. See, let your customer know right away that you're operating a business and your business hours, then you're going to share this.

This is where I operate my business. As a matter of fact, I am in my business, about four times a day, three times a day after what you say. Post your hours, I don't know if any of you were part of my wellness group or part of the bear Learning Hub right there is a pinned video at the top as soon as you are welcome to that group, you see my video right away. So if it's the bare learning how I say welcome, edit it down here's what to expect go through the units, right, and I say it. I would take your phone record a two minute video that just basically says what I said. Welcome to my VIP group thank you so much for being a customer I'm so excited. This is where I share all my incentives and promotions I also share tips and tricks in here. It's where I operate my business. I'm usually in here three or four times a day in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, please communicate with me anytime you want here. As soon as I am back in my, my business, I will make sure that I answer you within 24 hours, so you let them know. So maybe you're not, maybe you're working a business at 10am, you've got a job, but they posted a question at 10am. That's great. Let them have a space that when they have the time, maybe they've been meaning to ask, how many of you have had a list before I've done this, but our back we did it two days ago. It was about hair product. Jen, has been on my list for days, I keep forgetting to text her getting the message her I'm like oh my gosh, I've got to do it well what I had the moment I was like oh my gosh I gotta check this off my list your customers are the same way. See what happens is, they'll send you messages in the middle of the night, any time and what do we do as entrepreneurs we go. Oh my gosh, I gotta hurry up, I gotta answer that she's gonna be upset here she's gonna be upset because we didn't answer it. No, you said to them, please post. If you have questions or anything, please post them in here, I will definitely get back to you within 24 hours. I am in my group here, operating my business at least three times a day, so please post it I will answer it as soon as possible. That's how you're going to keep your sanity and I promise you I'm going to help you build a successful business. You're going to service your customers, you're going to operate a business you're not going to drive yourself crazy but can I tell you this. Now when it's a month end, or it's a black friday Cyber Monday or holiday in 24, years, you're probably going to work around the clock right, I will admit that I always say people tell your family a month end. That's when you're probably going to have to buy three frozen pizzas for your family and say Hey guys, it's crazy we're close a month in it's a busy time holiday season. We're not throwing pizza tonight. Right. But I want to help you get that in your mind and your, your teams are the same way, have a special group as you're starting to Team build because some of you are going to, and if you're not already some of you on here may already, right, Miss Rosie was on here earlier on if she's still on. But I know she has a team, you do the same thing you say team. This is where I operate my team. I am going to be in here, at least, whatever time. Please post your questions. Whatever you do, if you can, all of you can help each other out please answer it, but I will definitely be in here a few times a day, and I will get to it as soon as possible. Let your team know. All right. I say all this because I've been there I've learned. I remember seeing and all I notice like I want to tell you right now turn off your notifications. Third drive you insane. Turn off your notes, it will be the hardest thing you ever do hardest thing.

I worked with major leaders about seven years ago when I started relaying trick training to this. And because I myself was going crazy with all of my messages. I turn them off as to turn them off don't see them stick to when you said get in your group three or four times a day, because if you see the notification psychological we're women are we're up helps if we see it we want to answer it right now and we can't even get it off our mind until we go in and answer it and we'll start panicking, that we're not answering it. No, that's not how business operates, your business owner. All right, I'm gonna get off my high horse here a little bit. Or I should say my soapbox early. But I want you to start thinking about it. But remember, holidays are different as well. I want you to be successful, you're a business owner, you're operating a business, I want you to do it. As I've said to big leaders on stage. Listen, being burned out, and frazzled is not success. I have a feeling that that's not what you wrote down when you said I want success. So I'm going to try to help me manage Excel. All right, let's move on. Alright goals, quickly, but let's get into the fun stuff. Yes, every month I want you to set your goals. Right. And some of those goals. Here's what I'm talking about, how many hours are you committed a week. Right. Sometimes that change sometimes you can work a lot of hours not think about how many contacts right because you have measurable measurable goals. Is it so many hours a week, so many contacts, I want to add so many people to my team. I want to do so many Facebook Lives, I want to have so much in sales right set goals, monthly, I love it when Mary Scott, one of our rate leaders at a month, and I write them down, and I put them on my screen, so that on the, let's say December 1 I wake up I walk to my office, my goals are already there. Here's what I want to achieve this month. it's what I want to achieve with my family, and it's what I want to achieve with with my also with my business. And I said, Good. I'm so glad that you do that. So adjust your goals. It's okay. Again, this goal setting worksheet is in the bear Learning Hub, pull it off. Now, what I quickly want to do a one just look at this, I actually need to. I'm not going to go through a comp plan training, because on Friday, which is tomorrow. I'm going to do a recording and post it a clean one, and we're wanting to do with the last couple weeks but we've been busy with holiday and Cyber Monday and some things. I just want to say for everybody that's new on here very quickly just this so we can get into some really fun stuff is to become a rank one. It is 50. Personal sales volume PSP, everything is off points, I like to explain this right here for everybody it's new. We use a point system, because we're in Canada, the UK in the us right now. And so to make it fair and easy want every product, no matter what market you purchase it from is on a point system. Okay, or fact, I just, I don't know if it was a week or two ago, it doesn't matter but I am creating a chart, so that it's easy for you for each product, how many points now to give you guys a really quick cheat sheet, to be honest with you, and US dollars if something is $50 is 50 points. So does it matter if you purchase it in the US, purchase it. You know, in the UK, or in Canada, it's always the same point. And if you want to know how much points, go to your website, click on the American flag, go down and see how much it is an American dollars. And then let's say it's the magnetic outlets used to forming clashes right the bundle is 39. No matter what market you're in, it's 39 points. Okay, so I'm just giving you a little but I'm still want to create a chart, but there's your cheat sheet.

Now, I'm just gonna explain a couple things here. So, 50 points, your active rank one amazing rank two, right, you have your 50, your active. But now and personal, you know, personal sales volume so this is career personal sales volume when you receive 500 points. That's when you go to rink to. Here's what I mean. Let's say you joined in November, and in November, you had 150 points. Now it's December, and perhaps you do 200 points. Well, now you've got 350 points and then January, you do another 200 points. Now you've got 550 points. Well, you have hit that 500 mark that career sales volume, all together. And you're active. Now you've hit rank one so you could do it all in a month, it can be spread out two months, three months or whatever, but I want to help you understand that because that can be confusing. Okay, so there's just a couple of things there for you. And, really, this is my favorite part and I love sharing this with everybody. And I shared a little bit about it yesterday. Sorry, guys, is we have an incentive, that is all day, every day. meaning you know you receive your instant commission, right, 25% instant commission. Now, when you hit rank, two, you do receive a bonus, a 5% commission bump up. Now, you have to be hacked of that month so let's say you do, let's say, ooh, and December, you hit it right now. You're received. Now in January, you need to make sure that you have your 50, at least personal sales volume, right, because that keeps you active for you now to earn 30%. But here, let me just share this with you. This is what I love and I just want to take a minute. Let's say right to earn 50 points, you're going to receive another 5% bonus so on and so forth. I know you can read 500 is 10, so on right up to 2000 is 20% bonus so some people are making 50% Commission, and there are a lot. Here's the last thing I want to share about this is bonuses are not paid instant, they're paid Not till the end of the month closes so the end of November we have to see with a tally the entire month up so let's say you hit the 500, you know, maybe you had 700 points right so you didn't quite make 1000. So you're in this bracket right here so we know how much you sold you're going to earn another 10% App of the 750 I said, Well, we need to close up. We need to take two spreads. What needs to run behind the scenes is crazy. And then we pay out the bonuses so that's a leadership bonus this but any bonuses are always paid out the next month after we've closed month in, but you receive your instant commission. Okay, so make sure you're clear on that. All right, let's talk about ways to earn and the fun stuff that you're going to do. Now, there are three ways that you're going to be able to be successful, no matter how you define that success right that's selling, whether it's online we're talking about how to sell online in person, not a lot happening we will talk about but we're gonna talk about events, right, online events. It's one of my favorite things I'm going to share some things that they're sponsoring because there's team building, you bring somebody in the business. You then get paid a percentage off of them why because you're giving them time right return on time. You're talking with them you're coaching them you're doing things. And then there's leadership right that ranks six or higher, and you have those leadership bonuses and you're getting paid differently. So right you've got selling all the ways of selling sponsoring leadership. That's it. Only way. So let's talk about right here. I always just have lunch this year. I want you to have made it very big. Right. I want you to think about something. Here is an influencer starter bundle. That was back in July. Now, our starter bundles Just so you know, they could change they've changed many times, because sometimes we have to change things out because of inventory levels. We're a new company who may say we've only been selling for nine months, we want to make sure that the product in there is right we have enough, all kinds of different things so I always want to share that in case I mean we don't look to change the bundle here, but I always like to know that, like all of a sudden tomorrow we say oh my goodness we're taking the lipsticks out and adding the lip gloss right we're just making adjustments. But here's what really I'm saying you're in, you're an influencer. And if you think about an influencer maybe you follow an influencer on YouTube. Maybe you follow an influencer on Instagram. Right. They, what do they do, they give product reviews. I don't care if it's earrings. It could be a product review right about this water bottle right that it does something amazing lipstick, right they receive product they unpackage it they talk about the product. They follow up and say did it do is it said they create they give the features and benefits right they just, they're a little bit of a product, they're storyteller. So here's what I want you to think about, especially if you're new and you're new to direct sales. We want you to be an influencer because you're going to influence and share with others. So here's what I'm saying. I love using this example. For example, I am going to encourage all of you to always keep your packaging that the product comes in. Now this packaging here is with our bronzer. But if I was an influencer right and I'd say I I say something like. Join me as I review some amazing product that I can help you contour your face and lose five pounds right everybody wants to know how to contour everyone's Sprite. So maybe one of the things you would say is this. I'm going to share with you some techniques on how to contour, how to slim your face but I want to share the product with you. I'm going to demonstrate tonight. The Vera bronzer. The Vera bronzer is periban talc free and paraben free. Now, why am I saying this, all of you. You don't know who's going to go back and watch her video, right. So, what they're thinking is well what makes your bronzer any different I can run to a drugstore and pick up a bronzer right I watched your video I loved what you shared, but all of a sudden, you say, our bronzer is periban tauk pair, and, you know, paraben free, sorry, parabens and talc free. It is also vegan and cruelty free, so you don't need to memorize every product we put it on the packaging. Somebody could be watching and going oh, I've been really wanting product that's periban free gluten free, right, eu standard. And if you're not familiar, what do you use standard EU standard means that in the EU there are 1200 chemicals that are banned from any type of cosmetic skin skincare anything like that. They're allowed in other countries but they're banned. A lot of people are understanding, because I'm also a holistic health practitioner, and so health is important to me is that those chemicals right what we put on our skin, we basically eat right, you might as well put it on the end of your spork and lick your lotion, because putting it on your skin it's getting absorbed into yourself, it's the same thing. Many people are understanding that there are chemicals that's getting absorbed into ourselves, that is affects our health and hormones. Right, so many are looking for cleaner products. So let's say they just happen to stop in your product, and you're sharing some features and benefits before you show the product, they're like, Oh, I didn't know that, like, yeah, I'm interested in that. I hope that makes sense to all of you share your packaging. Right. And as I say I'm going to give you a couple more tips, just in case you're new. One thing, quickly about our bronzer and our eyeshadow palettes. They are highly pigmented. Meaning that they've been baked right several times in the pigmentation is high, and a little goes a long way. I remember we brought the bronzer out. And because it's so highly pigmented right the quality of the product. Many of you if you're like me, you would take your bronzer you'd swirl, and then put it all over, right, I brought my arms up my Mac if I have shot before that, I love bronzing right I don't get out in the sun, don't know any do a bronze. Well, if you take this product and squirrel and get a lot on your brush, and you go to put it on. Oh my gosh, the pigmentation, you're gonna look like oh biloba. I, there were some funny videos. So here's I share with everybody right so then you're gonna want to share it comes in beautiful black packaging. I love that it has a mirror. Now let me also share with you I've shared with you that's parabens and gluten, you know talc free vegan and cruelty, but it's also highly pigmented is a high quality product. You're going to want to just tap tack not squirrel, because a little goes a long way. Right, so you guys can see, I've already put on my contour regs I knew I was good on camera with you. Now, I also like the brushes. Oh, we said yesterday the brushes are going, they're coming in, Chris and we were talking today.

They probably mid next week brushes are going to be in the UK and Canada I can't wait for you to get your hands on these payments. The brush itself when I was testing the brushes had a focus group and they were testing all kinds of products. They were like, Oh my gosh, I can't believe the way the brushes pick up the product and I can't wave it evenly distributes the product, the bristles because how many there are in the density of it, right, the curved handles there's many different sides of the curve is because your face is curved. Right, so we have a flat brush sometimes not easy, but we have right you could do your eye shadow, we have beautiful in the mood palette has that black a lot of people use that really skinny, or I wish I had it over here, skinny brush right that they put their eye that uses eyeliner there's brow there's all kinds of things but the handle is designed and curved that way so that you can use it all over your face. So again, I want you to think about your giving product reviews features and benefits of the product, and also how to use the product right that's what people want people just want to be entertained. They want an idea, we're all online today, and here's what I'm going to share with you. We're ready to get into social media What are other things that you can do to build your customer base First, you need to you need to build that know like and trust factor. Okay, because people will purchase product from others and you know this because you've done it. So think about this, because you know like and trust them. You feel like even if you've never met them before and maybe only social media is it, you've watched them you know them they're entertaining, whatever it is, but here's the thing, you need to be you. I'm going to share something with you right now, you're not me, and you're nobody else.

I want you and you're going to do it afraid, many of you, right, going on video doing things it's scary. Why, because people will get judged. It's the truth, you know, I will always keep it real with all of you I don't sugarcoat anything because I am a realist. But listen me. You're going to attract the people I said earlier, like attracts like you ever to attract the people that you're supposed to. And if there's one person out there, because I've got it all my life. That says something. I want you to remember Tracy saying this to you. You are enough. you are good enough. You are not going to make everybody happy. You are only here to be you show up as you, and connect with who you're supposed to. I get goosebumps and I want to cry saying, and you're going to let go of the one comment, perhaps somebody says, because it may happen. And I'm not gonna for you.

But this company. And those affirmations were built on people understanding. They are unstoppable. They are powerful. I've seen it all. You don't need a certain background you don't need a certain look. Nothing. I'm going to stop there, but I'm gonna tell you you're going to own you. And if it wasn't for the mentor my life, having me own me because I didn't have pretty close and pretty things, and have money growing up. But I learned, somebody taught me how to just believe in me. And you're gonna believe in you, and right now if you need to take my belief, you're going to take it.

Let's talk about social media here very quickly by the, the slides I just went through. Sorry, I got myself up I usually don't talk a lot about that. But, you know, sometimes we need to discuss it. I want to say this, don't. Right now, you know what, no I do need to this slide here because right now I want if you are on here and you're thinking Tracy I only have 150 friends on Facebook or whatever it is, it doesn't matter. You know how am I going to build a business I want to share something. And then I'm going to show you how. See, Emma purser, who's also ranked number, 11, leader, just spring up last month. If you're part of MST one here. Congratulations. She's amazing leader. Her and I had a conversation back. I don't know February ish. And I told her the same thing I said Emma B, you don't need to be anybody else. And she said, Tracy had 150 people on Facebook I've never done direct sales. I said it doesn't matter.

I'm going to show you how to be you. I'm going to show you also how to connect with others that you're supposed to, and how you're going to grow that team through referrals, which I'm going to share with all of you. And one by one. It's a power one you're going to focus on one conversation, one customer, one growth, one referral, that's if that's all. Yes, you're going to have a goal, that's out there but if you're not if you look too far and it's gonna be overwhelming. I want you to know she became a rank 11 leader, and she had 150 Facebook friends, beginning of this year, with no experience. And so if you need to take that in, and ever ask them a purser because I will tell you, she'll help you because I want to tell you it is where the micro influencer is today see many years ago I want to share something with you.

Everybody wanted the mega influencer the movie star that had the million followers blah blah blah, which is great. But see all of a sudden a society where like most people are being paid to say that, of course, they're going to say their hair is the most gorgeous Of course they're going to say that their wrinkles are great. Right. But what I see my friend. Share real results and I know that's my friend, and I'm watching before my eyes. Their cut their companies today that would die to have the micro influencer that's us.

Because that's that know like and trust right not paying people which nothing wrong with you I mean I love the movies but you know i'm not saying that but I'm just going to empower you right now to know you're in the right place at the right time. Okay, so what are those things that you're going to do to one build that know like and trust factor. So you convert to customers so we have repeat customers we're talking about so we can get referrals.

So, if it's so for me, I like to think about like first that know like and trust, be you, nobody else. Okay. And something I like to talk about is curiosity post, so for me I was gonna take a breath and when I said, What are you gonna do with your time. Great. It's more than scrolling on Facebook. And I would, if this works for you. Like maybe on Sundays you think about what products, am I passionate about what am I going to share this week. And how can I connect authentically with others, there on my feet. Here's why I'm gonna talk about curiosity posts what this means, but let me first. Let's go through this post, Samantha Lancaster and I don't know if anybody on here, if you're in Samantha lane pastor's group, again, we have attracted the most amazing avid daily. Thank you. Right. She's amazing. We have attracted the most amazing people again I believe like attracts like.

Anyway, Samantha's incredible, and back in April we were all shut down right and you're in the UK. Yeah, you know. Well, Samantha back in April post this and I said, Oh my gosh. May I please use this and use this example of course the beautiful Samantha said, Absolutely. And here's what this says it's been a rubbish couple of days. So today I decided to pick myself back up slap on the word paint and remind myself of I got this amazing how much a bit of makeup can lift your mood. Don't lose yourself ladies. Why do I say that's a curiosity post is this. See, she didn't say I sold a Vera. She didn't say that I'm wearing the shimmer, or the Burberry right lip gloss. Do you remember when I said that we are about amplifying influencing empowering and that you do the same thing. She said Tracy, all of us, right. How many of you may have worked on two days before I'm not kidding you I never in my life that I think that I would keep my hair and a pineapple on my head when I was stuck at home, and not shower for days, I was like, I can't believe this is happening. She said my friends were feeling the same way, she said so I showered put on my makeup she said I can't tell you how many copies of how many comments I received the said thank you for the reminder. I got to see your beautiful face. Oh my gosh, I haven't showered in days I need to. And by the way, what is that on your eye It's gorgeous. Oh my gosh, I love that lip color. That's empowering and influencing others right, you have that ability. I don't care if you have five people who see you.

And it's that ability to be real and clear and cause curiosity. So I want to tell you in the abrin, a barrel Learning Hub. Okay, and unit seven is social media. It's about a 15 minute in the barrel Learning Hub it's not an hour like this I would never do this to you again.

I know it's a long post, but I feel it is important to have a strategy  But I'm in the bear Learning Hub unit seven, social media, I have a 15 minute video and I give many examples of what does a curiosity post mean, and look like to get you going. And then you'll figure out what a curiosity post is for you. Right. You may have two photos that says hey Actually, I'm actually going out on date night tonight maybe it says that like this is something I would say, and I'm trying to choose my lip color which one do you love best, which one do you think he's going to love. Right. That's curiosity I'll say I'm selling a barrel say anything I'm just getting people to interact, but I'm also being real. Make sure you watch that social media unit 715 minutes, I've got a whole handout. Okay, that's one thing that you can do to to start building that know like and trust factor so we can talk about those customers and again.

Can we please give me, about five after I apologize I went off on a little bit of a tangent, a few minutes ago, but this is very important. attraction marketing is something else so if you're sitting there going, oh my gosh Tracy How do I build that know like a trust factor, what do I do. I also want you to write down the word attraction marketing. Okay, so I talked about this in social media as well. But here's what I mean by this I'm going to give you an activity. This helped me many years ago. Here's what I'm saying to you, example, one is this cute little dog on the left hand side right cute little baby German Shepherd, well you know if you happen to be a dog lover, and especially if you happen to have a German Shepherd, and if you happen to be scrolling cross your social media, and you see someone else, right, but also has a dog you're like, Oh, my gosh.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh Rosie I love your dog what's your dog's name. Here's a photo of my dog you know you do this, doesn't matter any type of pet. All of a sudden, you have this special connection with Rosie attraction marketing, like oh my gosh there's Rosie again. Oh, look at her kids, oh what is she cooking today, right. Example too and I'm going to give you an activity right food.

Maybe you love posting recipes I don't know maybe not like people know me I many years ago when I went back to school for holistic health. And the only reason I did it is because I wanted to better show up for all of you and to help all of you, with your health right, mental, physical, spiritual, whatever that was right we were all in this together it's more than building a business. But anyway, all of a sudden I got known as this fat burning foodie right I always looked at food as does it give me energy does that my metabolism Turn it up like what does it do, right, we're all here right so people know me for that, well maybe people know you for paleo keto Southern Cooking baking, I don't care quick and easy meals, maybe let's go off this maybe you put together jewelry, you paint, you do things for your kids, you love Do It Yourself projects.

It could be you love reading books and giving reviews movies, it doesn't matter. I want you, a coach helped me with this too She said Tracy five things that you're known for.

I said, Well, food recipes, positive affirmations, obviously you guys are starting to know that right Hence, the lashes. Right, posting. You know, just quotes and things that were positive. I know all of you can't see but I always wear stilettos I ever have since I've been a little girl, so weird thing people knew me for my shoes. Right. I love to work out but I want 10 minute quick workouts.

You know, my kids doing fun things are kind of wrote down some things you know, and she said every week I want you to take those I want you to at least post one thing a week. That's what people know you for they engage with you they plan to see it so I encourage all of you, you don't even realize it. You may even post something on your wall that says, hey, what do you think of when you think of me. Right. attraction marketing, does this and I'm going to say this too Just to wrap it, like, put a little bow on this is Karen Stein wait so I don't have any Karen styling group she loves elephants, and many months ago she put together an elephant puzzle, and she's like Tracy. I received more comments on that elephant puzzle. And I went, and she said now I have more interaction with people because they love elephants, I love elephants and I'm like, I know Karen, I get it. This is why I'm teaching you these things.

I'm not going to share something with you that's not real. Okay. So curiosity post attraction marketing. But now, can we talk about Facebook events, real quick, and come getting customers and converting customers and that follow up them down from few minutes. If you have not done a Facebook event google it super easy to set up. Why are Facebook events really super, I believe important today. And you know, again, you everybody's different, because like today right now I wish I could see you actually unfortunately you're putting up with me for the past hour, but you get to know my energy, who I am, my mannerisms. Oh, an event is the same thing. And so here's what I'm saying. Super easy Google it, you just put a cover photo, name your event. Right. I just think it's the holidays, you could do holiday locks, you could do, how to slim your face in five minutes. Let me show you how you could do anything right because women we love stuff, I always go what what is, what are people's pain points, what would they show up for right. Then you're going to invite all of your friends and family to this event you're going to set the event right time day maybe it's for Saturday.

When people accept the event. I will share with you tip. One, once they accept the event right they're going to be in the group, and you're going to say, Oh my gosh, thank you, Rosie, for joining me and you may even say thank you, Rosie so much for joining me for my very first event. I'm so excited to have you here, because believe me, if, if I Rosie and somebody shouts me out and thanks me and tells me this is the first event I'm a little nervous but thank you so much for your support. You better believe if I thought maybe I wasn't going to go to that event before.

Well, how could I let Rosie down. Of course I'm going to go to the event. This is her first event she just thanked me. I always love if you know me you're gonna you're gonna know this Facebook Messenger, even Instagram messenger listening. I love the record button for messages why want I don't have my phone start hurting from all the messages to be honest with you, too. I love the voice recorder I can go through messages really fast, plus you get to hear my voice you know what's personable. Right. You hear them flexion, you know it's not a copy and paste, like robot type thing we've all received those Come on, I know you've received messages you know this person's copy and pasting and sending out to hundreds if not 1000s of people. Oh my gosh, Rosie, I love people using people's first names. That's important people want to hear their name. Thank you so much data. So now they have the event. You've got it. Maybe you're on talk about, right, the lashes portion of lashes during your influencer bundle right who doesn't love lashes. I do love lashes, obviously. But I'll share with you a couple tips real quick.

Maybe you don't have a lot of product, maybe a few products they want to talk about things, but here's something you can do. Perhaps you get in there you think everybody you're at the, you know, thank you so much. I want to share I can't wait to share with all of you how to contour take five minutes. Take five pounds off your face get ready for the holidays, I don't care whatever you guys want, you could talk about like you may love control product wellness products how to beat the holiday binge, right, how to control your appetite that it ended that you could do this. Oh my goodness. Before I get started. If you don't have skincare I'm just letting you all have you know on here, you may say, you know, having, you know your canvas is one of the most important things. And you may even say, you know, if you have the skincare demonstrate it right talk about the features and benefits of our skincare a little bit right Swiss love Apple anti aging, you know the benefits of it, bam. If not, you may say, I want to share you know about the bronzer tonight, but it also won't let you know if you are like me and you're looking for great skincare we have amazing skincare, you know, share a little bit about it maybe you're not. And then, you know, obviously having a great palette, you may talk about the airbrush you may or may not have it. You may talk about the concealer right talk about a few things, but then you'll get to say hey tonight is about taking, you know, slimming your face and taking five pounds off.

Speaking of that, we also have amazing appetite suppressant, we have incredible green tea right you just. If you don't have all the products, that's okay, just say, I love Aveiro they've got so many different types of products, but then you're going to show the product that you put the lashes on me that the bronzer lip, right, whatever vegan pyramid Don't you dare forget features and benefits. Here's the key, we're gonna wrap this up as well is.

Whoever attended that event. your PR, I don't care if they purchased or not. You're going to personally thank them. Thank you so much, Rosie for attending an event I appreciate all your support. If there's anything that I can help you with, or that you would like you had questions on please let me know. Rosie. Here's why I say that I'm going to say something to you again, the fortune. Follow up. See Rosie might have been on there, but she couldn't afford. Maybe she paid in a week and a half. But you thanked her you said hey there's anything. She may then go. Matter of fact, yes Tracy, I really love the magnetic lashes, but I don't get paid until next week. But I really would love to get them. Well, you're gonna write that down, Rosie magnetic lashes you're gonna follow up with her in a week. Because what happens is, customers get busy, maybe in a week.

She really meant to get back to you but life happens I know my life happens I've got the list over there. There's something I've been wanting to order dead serious probably three weeks so I haven't done it yet. It's not the time. So maybe Rosie. She means to get back to you but you need to follow up maybe you would say hey Rosie.

I just want to follow up, I know that you love the lashes that I am beautiful, or whatever, right. I just wanted to see if that's something I can get placed for you. That's return on time. Now, let's talk about someone who does purchase obviously you're going to follow up thank you so much for attending the event. I am so excited for you to receive the lashes and let's say if they brought up. Right. I will follow up with you, and a couple weeks to make sure that you received everything, and that you're absolutely satisfied if there was anything else please let me know. Now, I always say like two weeks, right, somebody places an order I type I get shipped guess their mailbox they get to their mailbox they open the mailbox they use the product right I like to do 1014 days. Now you're going to follow up. Just want to follow up right again I'm using this all the voice messaging. I myself used to always track my customers on Wednesday evenings, every single week because it got on a rotation curve was one call or 10 calls. I knew on Wednesday I was making my calls. Now, we have voice message.

Follow up, maybe, Rosie says, Oh my gosh.

First, how do you love the product, I love it. Right. Everyone's excited about it. Everyone loves Oh, my family loves it, I go to the office people love it right, whatever. Two things you may say, fantastic. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you love the product. You know, I would love to help you complete the look of your eye, but in fact we have amazing palettes. Wow, to even I can help you pop your eye before. You could say that, you could say, Oh my gosh, so glad you love the product, was there anything else I could help you with that you were interested in she may say yeah, you talked about x y and z on the phone or on the facebook live right. Why, just like that, she might have been interested in three products you don't know, but she can only afford one. We've all been there, I could afford one product I wish I could have bought all three. So, matter of fact, I was interested to see if you don't follow up and ask the question. Was there anything else. There, sometimes they just forget to tell you. Last thing because we have to wrap this up today, gone way too long, is referrals.

You know what I realized with our lashes that people were saying was, oh my gosh, love them my family, right I was at Thanksgiving everybody loved them or, you know, some people are able to go back into their office, especially in the US. You know some people will say oh my gosh Mike my co workers love all more than woman at the grocery store, well here's what happens. They're not passing out your name, normally to all these people loving their lashes. Like oh yeah I bought them from this, this woman, I don't know, company called de Vera, they don't know how to say they're right. So maybe you say to them. Wow. I'm so happy you're loving them and that everybody loves them. I tell you what, Rosie. For every eight customers that you send me. I will give you a free lash. Please just give them my name, my website let them know that the use that you sent them, and I will track that for you. We have better believe now that every time somebody compliments, Rosie on her lashes were at the grocery store or somebody she knows she's gonna be like, Oh my goodness. I got these I am beautiful lashes from Tracy amazing they have so many affirmations, you know, who knows what they're gonna say, let me give you her information, please tell her that I sent you because she's gonna take good care of you. Before, she'd be like oh thanks I love him to write and you know you've heard me if you're on yesterday's live.

Always ask for testimonials not everybody's gonna say yes, when they love the product say, Oh my gosh, would you mind posting something on your wall, or even on my wall tagging me in it, you know, sharing the lashes sharing the lip sharing the bronze, it doesn't matter sharing the airbrush I mean sharing that you love control share and that you love a fair share and that you lost five pounds. Right. Doesn't matter. These are the things that's going to be consistent. You need to know what your goals are, you need to know how much time you need to connect with others know like and trust you, you need to right share the product and get features and benefits, you need to follow up with others you need to ask questions. What else was you in a restaurant right.

Who else do you know, maybe there's somebody you felt like oh my gosh I wish she would do her own Facebook event I would love to do a Facebook event for you. Let's get on with you and your friends right because you always have that one person you go oh my gosh she's amazing. And you may say hey, I'd love to do a Facebook event for you would your friends also love to learn how to contour and do all this. Right. It is about consistency and being intentional. When you do those things, it may not take a week, it may not take 30 days, but you consistent, your business will grow. That's what I know, everybody has always said to me, Tracy I had a plan I tried things some things didn't work I had to tweak but I was consistent showed up.

That's what it takes. All right, I've got a way over tonight. I just want to thank each and every one of you so much for being a part of the bear, most importantly being part of the culture and family the community to take the message out and make an impact right all of us want to leave a legacy that legacy can be big or small. I'm going to stop sharing see if there's anything I can answer I am afraid to see how far I went over tonight, I must be in the holiday spirit of like just wanting to connect and squeeze all of you. Oh, my goodness. Claire You are so welcome. 

You're welcome Carmen oh my goodness you absolutely, totally. Oh, you guys are so welcome. Are you kidding me It's my honor to be on here with all of you this.

We're just all together, oh my goodness you're welcome you guys all stayed in. I last night. Back here and see if there are any questions that I can answer and get back but if not, please let me know all of you guys please have a wonderful blessed evening day no matter where you are, globally, thank you for all you do. I can't wait until next week's corporate webinars to spend more time with you but until then.