Tik Tok

Did you find me on Tik Tok? Well Hello there and welcome to the Lash Love family!

If you are seeing this page April 18th or 19th of 2021 congratulations.  You are one of the first Lash Love Family members!

Please be patient with me. I literally came up with this idea to help market my makeup mlm business this weekend. I would have just thought about it, like so many other ideas I've had in the past, but didn't take action. This time is different.

One thing I've learned during my make money from home", "multi level marketing" journey is ideas mean almost nothing without action behind them.  That is why you are here reading this incomplete page on this blog that needs so much help.

So, I ill complete this ever changing page soon, but the gist of it is, I sell makeup through my multi level marketing company. I look at mlm a an affiliate program with the bonus of an in house support group of thousands of people who have the same goal...make money and help people.

You can click on the pic below to check out the company I am referring to. This mlm still has less than 20,000 influencers/reps. This is a great opportunity for a person just...like...you!