What does btw mean?

What does btw mean in text or on Facebook?  This acronym stands for "by the way". So if someone texts you, "still didn't get my order btw", they are letting you know, in a polite way, I need my products!

So, what type of business is the mlm singer in?  I'm glad you asked btw.  I am partnered with a great company that's sells things like cosmetics, skin care, and wellness products.  It is a mlm, which stands for multi level marketing, and I love it.

The way the business side operates is a man or woman who sells one of their products gets a commission.  What is commission? A commission is your compensation for selling the product.  It is usually a percentage of the price. With my company that percentage starts at 25%.  So when I sell a pair of $34 "I Am Powerful Magnetic Lashes" I receive $8.50. $34 x .25 = $8.50

What does btw mean other than by the way?

What does btw mean other than by the way? These acronym interpretations are not the most popular but there may be some people who use this term to mean something else. 

Back to Work

Break Time Woohoo

B@lls to the Wall

Behind the Wall

Beautiful to Watch

Behind the Why

Because of Who